Addressing industrywide problems with innovative technology

Modernizing the acquisition of insurance with artificial intelligence and machine learning


Around half of all goods are shipped uninsured, even more under-insured – that leaves a market-gap of $16.2 Billion – in the logistics industry alone. All industries combined, there is a $3 Trillion gap with what people need insured, and what they actually purchase.*

* source: Simon Torrance, “Embedded Insurance: a $3 Trillion marketing opportunity, that could also help close the protection gap” LinkedIn Pulse, December 10, 2020.

The reason?

  • Insurance is complicated.
  • It’s inflexible, and it’s often annoying and difficult to buy.
  • There is usually an excessive administrative load due to manual claims management

The problem for most isn’t the cost of insurance, but rather the tedious process required to get coverage.

Innovative insurance software for investors


With Redkik’s innovative software the insurance acquisition process is reduced to a single click, made possible by analyzing endless data points with our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Coverage is tailored to consumers’ actual needs – eliminating the need for off-the-shelf policies.


Redkik slush winner


Top 100 European Startup at Slush

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Top 25 Plug and Play Insurtech Startup

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Top 9 Tech Tour Ocean Startup

Our history

August 2020

Redkik was founded in August 2020 by our Founder & CEO, Chris Kalinski with the mission to transform and improve the insurance industry for all parties within logistics and transportation.

November 2020

Business Finland goes public with how Redkik benefited from a research and development grant to build an MVP, bringing intelligence to insurance for per shipment insurance.

May 2021

Redkik’s patent is filed and accepted for review by the patent office.

June 2021

Redkik closes pre-seed round with angel investors and VC funds, including Redstone VC and Business Joensuu. With a strengthened Board with Ilari Schouwvlieger as Board Member & Advisor.

July 2021

Ely Keskus awards grant for product development with machine learning and accelerating EU expansion.

Semptember 2021

Redkik, a global InsurTech start-up with a mission to simplify and improve the marine cargo insurance industry, announced they will be sponsoring Snowchange Cooperatives young natural growth forest protection site, ”Väinönmaa”.

October 2021

Redkik and the Roanoke Insurance Group announce a strategic partnership, offering Cargo InsureTech / SaaS solutions to the Transportation Industry, a 32B USD industry.

February 2022

Redkik, a global software company with the mission to simplify and improve the marine cargo insurance industry with technology today announced the closing of a $3.3 million Seed funding round.

April 2022

Redkik is set to overhaul how marine cargo insurance is transacted in Europe as it announces a strategic partnership with Howden Insurance Brokers AB together with insurer Chubb.


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