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Instant embedded insurance solutions for your specific needs

Redkik’s software has been developed to solve your problems. Large or small, if you are interested in modernizing the acquisition of insurance, Redkik’s solution is for you.

Insurance doesn’t need to be complicated.

Insurance solutions for transport intermediaries

Transport Intermediaries

Transport intermediaries, freight forwarders, carriers – our dynamic software has been tailored to suit your and your customers’ insurance needs. Whether you are looking for cargo, warehouse, gap, spike, or cyber insurance, Redkik has you covered with its transactional insurance solution. With Redkik’s solution you can offer individually personalized cargo insurance for your customers instantly. You get access to shipper’s interest Insurance provided by leading insurance providers, and it is so easy to fully cover your shipments – not just with liability.

Whether you take bookings over the phone or through an online booking platform, Redkik’s embedded insurance solution allows you to streamline insurance acquisition – all while creating a new revenue stream for your forwarding company.

Fast insurance solutions for shippers


As a shipper, having poorly covered commodities is a big risk. Accidents and theft happen daily during transit and storage. Carrier’s liability is limited, and its not meant to protect your business. With Redkik’s on-demand, single trip cargo insurance solution you can get coverage instantly.

With Redkik, you get access to coverage tailored to your personal needs, provided by the world’s most trusted insurance companies. Their vast industry experience combined with Redkik’s insurance software makes sure that your best interest comes first – without any shortcuts.

Easy one-click insurance for transport management systems

Transport Management Systems

Transport management systems, freight marketplaces and third-party logistics platforms use Redkik’s dynamic software to increase their customer satisfaction and retention, and to win more business over the competition.

Redkik’s software can be easily embedded into your current online system to offer additional coverage in a seamless and instant way. With a click of a button, your customers get access to Redkik’s low to no-touch insurance solution for their peace of mind.

Insurance software for insurance broker portals

Broker Portals

Freight portals are in a unique position to manage their customers’ risk exposure. With Redkik, offering cargo insurance is simple, and faster than ever before. Redkik’s API is easy and simple to integrate into your booking system, and it removes the inefficiencies traditionally involved with cargo and warehouse insurance.

Redkik’s insurtech solution can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors in the highly competitive freight brokerage industry.

Air cargo shipment

Freight Brokers

Together with Redkik, your freight brokerage can start offering AI powered cargo insurance, provided by the leading insurance companies. If you are looking for an easy-to-use freight insurance solution, you are in the right place. Redkik’s software can be used to bring instant peace of mind for your customers, effectively winning you more business.

We bring your customers what they actually want, by analyzing endless data points with our AI and machine learning algorithms and compressing the data into tailored insurance quotes.

AI-powered software for insurance providers

Insurance Providers

Redkik’s embedded technology enables underwriters to transactionalize their policies and bring them to the point of sale for increased purchase rates. Redkik’s powerful and dynamic risk-management software is powered by AI and machine learning, and it automates the process and minimizes manual management.

The transactional element of our solution allows you to give peace of mind for a larger audience securely. Reach SME’s effortlessly with Redkik’s integrated insurance software.

Insurance Brokers

Bring instant value to your existing customers and grow your business together with Redkik’s embedded insurance software. Single trip cargo insurance policies no longer require a lot of manual work to be profitable – with Redkik’s automated software, distributing transactional policies is easy and profitable, while also providing very much needed flexibility for the consumer.

Redkik’s insurance software also helps you to streamline your policy administration or billing processes.

Other providers

Integrated to existing booking systems

Seamless integration


Embedded solution

No annual fees

Pay now and pay later option

Risk modelling using AI and ML

Sanctions check

Long process

Transactional insurance pricing

Instant quotation

Instant coverage

Usually takes 3-14 days

War Coverage

Included in Redkik Difference


SR&CC Coverage

Included in Redkik Difference


TRIA (terrorism) Coverage

Included in Redkik Difference


Cancellability policy

Cancellable up to the day after


No cancellation fee

Covers all modes of transport


Storage coverage up to 30 days before, during and after shipment

Worldwide coverage


Broad commodities coverage


Commonly excluded commodities covered

Low deductibles

Yes, even as low as $250


More than one established insurance partner

Limited to 1 insurance partner and policy

Additional revenue stream for partners

The all-in-one InsurTech solution – without shortcuts

Redkik’s innovative software and business model gives us perks no other service provider has. When designing our solution, we made sure to take no shortcuts which would restrict our partners’ from reaching their goals.

Learn how we do it, and how you can benefit from our solution.

Global coverage

Whether you are looking for cargo, warehouse, gap, spike, or cyber insurance – With Redkik’s solution you can be covered instantly from within our operating area to wherever in the world.

Pick your country, contact your appointed expert and let’s determine the best and most effective solution for your business needs.

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