Finnish Sailing Team, Tulikettu Racing, joins forces with global software company Redkik Inc.

Finnish Sailing Team, Tulikettu Racing, joins forces with global software company Redkik Inc.

Tulikettu Racing, a prominent name in Finnish sailing, is embarking on a new voyage as it proudly announces a new partnership with the rapidly expanding US software company Redkik Inc.

Redkik’s core innovation, a software that taps into pre-existing online systems and analyzes endless data points for individually tailored and dynamic insurance quotes, was first formulated in Finland. The company has revolutionised the transactional insurance market in just a short space of time, with further plans for expansion. Redkik’s Finnish roots align perfectly with the origins of the racing team and yacht, named after the ‘firefox’ a mythical creature in Finnish folklore. The magical creature lights up the night sky with sparks flying from its tail as it runs, faster than the wind, unable to be caught. With many of the Redkik team members being keen sailors themselves, the passion and drive for offshore sailing and hunger for success are mutual.

“In addition to achieving our racing goals and contributing to Finnish offshore racing, we are extremely excited about this opportunity to work with Redkik and its revolutionary innovation in Europe, the Caribbean, North America, Australia and Asia during 2024–2026. Both teams share a commitment to excellence, a passion for the sport and pushing boundaries, as well of course the Finnish roots we share. We can’t wait to hoist our Redkik sails for the first time!” says owner and skipper of Tulikettu Racing team, Arto Linnervuo.

The name of the team will change to Tulikettu Redkik Racing as both parties work together to achieve their goals.

Redkik has modernised insurance with their innovative software, having seen a gap in the market for personalised and unique coverage for complex needs instead of off-the-shelf policies with little to no automation. The dynamic software has been developed to provide the best insurance solutions by enabling instantaneous transactions with AI and machine learning components to suit clients’ needs.

“This partnership deal is the basis of the first major global marketing campaign of Redkik.”Tulikettu Racing has a goal of being the first Finnish offshore racing team to win one of the most legendary offshore races and the yacht promotes something new and exciting in the offshore racing scene. We want to do the same in the very competitive software industry developing solutions for insurance companies” adds Redkik’s founder and CEO Chris Kalinski. Tulikettu Racing aims to become the first all-Finnish crew to win RORC’s most legendary offshore races as well as the overall RORC series. Upcoming races include the Cervantes Trophy, North Sea Race and the Gotland Runt Offshore Race before the boat returns to Finland for the Roschier Baltic Sea Race in July. Tulikettu is currently stationed at its UK base having undergone some winter maintenance and refit work and will be hitting the water again in a matter of weeks for the crew to start training.

Redkik is a trailblazing global software company, on a mission to streamline and enhance the insurance industry within the logistics and transportation sectors. Through leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, Redkik’s proprietary technology produces instantaneous quotes, backed by premier insurance companies, and based on accurate data sets. This approach ensures reduced risk and maximized coverage for all shipment types.

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Finnish offshore racing has stepped back onto the big stage with the Infiniti 52 grand-prix racing yacht; Tulikettu. Founded by yacht club Xtra Stærk Ocean Racing Society, the goal of Tulikettu Racing team is to be the first all-Finnish crew to win RORC’s most legendary and important offshore races and overall Season Points Championship.

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