A quick and easy insurance solution for your shipping needs

With this collaborative solution from Roanoke and Redkik you can quickly and easily take risk off the table and insure your gaps in your insurance on transactional basis. This gives you more flexibility for your business and gives you the opportunity to choose what you want covered and when you want it covered.

Cover your cargo on the go effortlessly with any smart-device from an extensive list of commodities, whether its moved via air, road, sea or rail.

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Per-Load Cargo Insurance

Currently around 60-80% of global cargo is transported underinsured – yet accidents and loss happen daily.

With this online solution we can tackle this industry-wide problem with affordable Shippers Interest Insurance, powered with an intuitive and easy-to-use web-portal.

Affordable Spike Excess Cargo coverage with market-leading ease-of-use

With this web-solution you can cover previously unchecked gaps in your coverage when booking loads with values in excess of your standard $100,000 contingent or motor truck cargo. In less than 2 minutes you can choose what you want covered, when you want it covered.

Transactional gap insurance, in excess of $100,000 cargo value, can be purchased in the follow brackets and the associated price.

Insured Value in excess of $100,000Cost

Shippers Interest Insurance

With this solution you get access to Shippers Interest insurance and its vast benefits.

  • Higher degree of protection for cargo loss and damage
  • Door-to-door coverage
  • Free cancellation
  • Cover includes value of shipped product, shipping costs, plus 10%
  • Low deductibles
  • Eased management for making a claim and fast turnaround
  • Low minimum premiums for extensive coverage
  • Protection against Acts of God, strikes, riots, civil commotions, and terrorism

Eased Claims Management

Eventually, damage and loss is bound to happen. When it does, our solution makes reporting a claim easy.

After you purchase your insurance, you will instantly receive an automated confirmation email which includes clear and easy instructions for making a claim.


Quick Start Guide PDF

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Insurance provided by Roanoke Insurance Group Inc.
Available to authorized transportation companies/personnel only.

US domestic shipments only.

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