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Easy and instant freight coverage tailored to your customers needs

Set yourself apart from the competition with embedded freight insurance

Each year commodities worth $16.2 Billion are being shipped uninsured due to inefficient technology and slow processes

Flexible and ease of use for Freight Brokers

Addressing supply chain’s insurance inefficiencies with unmatched flexibility and ease-of-use

Buying insurance can be annoying and tedious for shippers and carriers alike. The current cargo insurance solutions are inefficient and lack the very much needed automation and flexibility. Your freight brokerage is in a unique position to modernize the acquisition of insurance and simplify the process, while addressing the huge market-gap.

With Redkik’s software you can offer per shipment based instant cargo insurance and give your customers immediate peace of mind while also adding a new compliant revenue stream for your brokerage.

Innovative IndurTech software for Freight Brokers

Instant added value with innovative InsurTech software

The current freight insurance solutions in the market are based on annual estimates, offer little to no automation and lack flexibility with covered commodities, or have other unnecessary inefficiencies.

Redkik’s per-load cargo insurance solution allows your shipper partners to get covered instantly via your online system by the world’s leading insurance companies with a single click.

Tailored off-the-self policies for Freight Brokers

Coverage tailored to your customers’ needs

In today’s market the customer should be in the driver’s seat. Traditional off-the-shelf policies do not reflect this as they give you little to no flexibility and they rarely cover 100% of your customers’ needs.

Redkik’s single trip cargo insurance solution offers Shippers Interest Insurance and gives your customers maximum flexibility, while our AI and machine learning algorithm makes sure they only pay for what they need so that their needs are prioritized.

One-click coverage for freight brokers

One-click coverage with market-leading ease of use

Through integrating our API into your current online portal, your customers will get access to the market’s most seamless cargo insurance solution

Our developers will guide you through the entire API integration process and provide you with all the necessary tools.

Learn more about Redkik’s API integration and what’s going on in the background.

Ready to get started?

Keep your customer where they belong – on your portal

When we integrate into your platform, we want you to keep your customer on your system – without redirecting them to external websites or portals.

This allows the customer to always stay on your platform, streamlining the purchase journey, and making sure you never lose the customer mid-way through the process.

Your customer, your brand

You have worked hard to build a reputable brand for your brokerage. We believe it’s not our place to hijack your platform to promote our brand.

You will stay in charge of your customers’ experience, while getting access to the vast benefits of Redkik’s unmatched cargo insurance software.

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Embedded 1-click Cargo Insurance

Instant value through Redkik’s embedded software

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Process Automation

Today, everything is automated – Why should insurance be an exception?

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Dynamic Pricing

Our AI and machine learning algorithms offer tailored pricing for actual needs

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New revenue stream

Add a profitable and compliant revenue stream for your company

Seamless experience
Seamless experience

Keep your customers in your system throughout the process

Set yourself apart from the competition
Set yourself apart from the competition

Stay a step ahead and win more business

Embedded insurance for freight brokers

Embedded insurance software for your needs

Whether you already offer a cargo insurance solution for your customers, or you’re just browsing your options, whether you handle bookings over the phone or via an online platform, our experts will help you determine the fastest and most seamless freight insurance solution for your brokerage’s needs.

How does Redkik’s embedded solution work? 

Redkik’s embedded insurance software is very simple for the user throughout the process, as we only add a single line-item to your online system, meanwhile in the background endless data points are being processed from multiple sources and compressed into the most accurate price.

As our solution can be fully integrated and embedded into your current booking system, you can keep following your current sales process without changing anything.

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A shipment is booked via your system

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Redkik automatically picks up the shipment details

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Redkik generates an insurance booking quote instantly

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Insurance quote is accepted

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Redkik sends quotation email to shipper

EU Only?

To stay compliant with EU’s Insurance Distribution Directive the booking-holder must be sent a non-obligated quote which they can accept independently

How it works decorative icon

Shipper confirms the purchase

EU Only?

To stay compliant with EU’s Insurance Distribution Directive the booking-holder must be sent a non-obligated quote which they can accept independently

How it works decorative icon

Done! Confirmation email with insurance binder attached is sent to shipper

Other providers

Integrated to existing booking systems

Seamless integration


Embedded solution

No annual fees

Pay now and pay later option

Risk modelling using AI and ML

Sanctions check

Long process

Transactional insurance pricing

Instant quotation

Instant coverage

Usually takes 3-14 days

War Coverage

Included in Redkik Difference


SR&CC Coverage

Included in Redkik Difference


TRIA (terrorism) Coverage

Included in Redkik Difference


Cancellability policy

Cancellable up to the day after


No cancellation fee

Covers all modes of transport


Storage coverage up to 30 days before, during and after shipment

Worldwide coverage


Broad commodities coverage


Commonly excluded commodities covered

Low deductibles

Yes, even as low as $250


More than one established insurance partner

Limited to 1 insurance partner and policy

Additional revenue stream for partners

The all-in-one InsurTech solution – without shortcuts

Redkik’s innovative software and business model gives us perks no other service provider has. When designing our solution, we made sure to take no shortcuts which would restrict our partners’ from reaching their goals.

Learn how we do it, and how you can benefit from our solution.

Our Trusted Insurance Partners

With Redkik’s per-load freight insurance solution your brokerage’s customers get access to policies from the most established insurance companies instantly.

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