Instant, ondemand cargo insurance solution for your needs

Single shipment shippers interest insurance for your peace of mind

Up to 90% of global cargo is transported under or uninsured – yet accidents and loss happen daily.

Make sure you are covered properly and that your business is protected.

Easy cargo insurance purchase for shippers

Cargo insurance made easy

Purchasing insurance can be tedious and hard. The process can take weeks or months and requires you or your staff to spend hours handling the administrative load and claims handling. This is unnecessary and it doesn’t need to be like that.

In a perfect world, all you would need to do when looking for coverage is to click a button and forget about the rest. That is exactly what Redkik does.

Cargo insurance solution for shippers

Cargo insurance solution made to suit your needs

In today’s market you, as the shipper, should be in the driver’s seat of the process. Traditional one-size insurance policies don’t cover your dynamic needs, last-minute shipments, or all commodities.

With Redkik’s technology, you are in charge of the freight insurance process and only pay for what you need. Forget policies with little to no flexibility – Redkik’s AI and machine learning algorithms make sure you have time to focus on your core business.

Instant cargo insurance software for shippers

Not later – now

You don’t have time to wait for weeks or months. Why should you when you can have it now?

Redkik’s software lets you get a quote within a second with a single click, because the process doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

Shippers Interest Insurance

Forget high deductibles, long claims processes and limited coverage

Introducing, the Redkik Difference

  • Higher degree of protection for cargo loss and damage
  • Door-to-door coverage
  • Free cancellation
  • Cover includes value of shipped product, shipping costs, plus 10%
  • Low deductibles
  • Eased management for making a claim and fast turnaround
  • Low minimum premiums for extensive coverage
  • Protection against Acts of God, strikes, riots, civil commotions, and terrorism

Eased Claims Management

Eventually, damage and loss is bound to happen. When it does, Redkik’s solution makes reporting a claim easy.

After you make a booking, you will instantly receive an automated confirmation email which includes clear and easy instructions for making a claim without complex platforms or unnecessary questions.

The Redkik Difference makes sure you get paid swiftly after the claim has been approved without extra delays.

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Try it yourself!

Whether you already have an annual or a per-load cargo insurance policy, or you’re just browsing your options, our experts will help you determine the best and most cost-effective solution for your business needs.

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Quick Freight Coverage Quote

Get you shipment covered instantly without the extra hassle

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Tailored policy for your needs

Get a personalized policy for your needs, no matter the size of your company

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Global Partner Network

Policies from the most established insurance companies at your fingertips

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Risk minimization 

Fully cover your freight, not just liability

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Certificate of Insurance, instantly

The certificate of insurance is sent to the cargo owner immediately

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Dynamic Pricing 

Our AI and machine learning algorithms offer tailored pricing for actual needs

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Coverage no matter who ships your cargo

Our solution gives you peace of mind, whoever moves your commodities

Other providers

Integrated to existing booking systems

Seamless integration


Embedded solution

No annual fees

Pay now and pay later option

Risk modelling using AI and ML

Transactional insurance pricing

Instant quotation

Instant coverage

Usually takes 3-14 days

War Coverage

Included in Redkik Difference


SR&CC Coverage

Included in Redkik Difference


TRIA (terrorism) Coverage

Included in Redkik Difference


Cancellability policy

Cancellable up to the day after


No cancellation fee

Covers all modes of transport


Storage coverage up to 30 days before, during and after shipment

Worldwide coverage


Broad commodities coverage


Commonly excluded commodities covered

Low deductibles

Yes, even as low as $250


More than one established insurance partner

Limited to 1 insurance partner and policy

The all-in-one InsurTech solution – without shortcuts

Redkik’s innovative software and business model gives us perks no other service provider has. When designing our solution, we made sure to take no shortcuts which would restrict our partners’ from reaching their goals.

Learn how we do it, and how you can benefit from our solution.

Our Trusted Insurance Partners

With Redkik’s single trip cargo insurance solution, shippers and consignors get access to policies from the largest, and most established insurance companies instantly.

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