Redkik and ShipPrimus TMS Announce Partnership to Streamline Cargo Insurance Procurement

Redkik and ShipPrimus TMS Announce Partnership to Streamline Cargo Insurance Procurement

Oxford Maryland 11.27.2023 – Redkik, a leading provider of transactional cargo insurance solutions, has partnered with ShipPrimus TMS, a pioneer in transport management software, to offer a more seamless and efficient cargo insurance procurement experience for businesses. This collaboration enables ShipPrimus TMS customers to purchase Redkik’s comprehensive cargo insurance solutions directly within their existing platform.

By integrating Redkik’s insurance solutions into ShipPrimus TMS, customers can eliminate the need for manual data entry and seamlessly protect their shipments at every stage of the supply chain, from origin to destination. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations and strategic goals.

Chris Kalinski, CEO and Founder of Redkik, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with ShipPrimus TMS to deliver a more integrated and efficient approach to cargo insurance procurement. By streamlining the insurance process, we are empowering businesses to achieve their strategic goals.”

Amanda Bohl, CEO of ShipPrimus TMS, commented on the collaboration, saying, “Our partnership with Redkik is a natural extension of our mission to automate transportation management. Redkik’s expertise in cargo insurance, combined with our innovative transportation management software, will enable our customers to protect their shipments with confidence and peace of mind.”

This partnership represents a significant advancement in the digitalization of the logistics and cargo insurance industry. Redkik and ShipPrimus TMS are making it easier for businesses to protect their valuable cargo and reduce risk by offering a seamless and integrated solution for cargo insurance procurement.

Redkik is a pioneering global software company on a mission to streamline and enhance the insurance industry within the logistics and transportation sectors. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, Redkik’s proprietary technology provides instantaneous quotes backed by premier insurance companies, based on accurate data sets. This approach ensures reduced risk and maximized coverage for all shipment types.

For more information, visit www.redkik.com

ShipPrimus TMS is a leading transportation management software provider, helping logistic service providers efficiently manage their transportation operations through technology. The user-friendly platform simplifies logistics and enables businesses with automation to achieve better control and visibility over their supply chain.