Fill in your gaps

Currently around 60-80% of global cargo is transported underinsured – yet accidents and loss happen daily.

With this Redkik’s and TruckStop’s cooperation we can tackle this industry-wide problem with affordable gap coverage, powered with an easy-to-use web-portal.

With this online solution you can cover previously unchecked gaps in your coverage in less than 2 minutes and gives you the opportunity to choose what you want covered and when you want it covered.

Affordable gap coverage with market-leading ease-of-use

Transactional gap insurance (in excess of $100,000 cargo value) can be purchased in the follow brackets and the associated prices:











How does it work?

Watch the video, or download our quick start guide:

Are you in need of gap coverage more frequently?

Contact us if you are needing gap coverage on a more frequent basis and we can make the purchase process even easier.

Ready to get started?

With this easy to use web-solution you can cover gaps in your insurance in less than 2 minutes.

Insurance provided by Roanoke Insurance Group.
Available to authorized transportation companies/personnel only.

US domestic shipments only

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Insurance Questions

If you have questions about the insurance offered via this web-solution, please contact your underwriter or broker.