An embedded InsurTech solution from developers for developers

Easily integrate our solution into your existing platform through the Redkik API.

Seamless integration for developers

Seamless integration

Redkik’s software has been created for the transportation and logistics industry to streamline the inefficiencies involved with purchasing insurance.

Our solution enables your customers to get insurance quotes instantly within your booking platform without the need to re-key information on external websites or platforms.

Introduction for developers

Redkik’s API is a simple to use, RESTful-standard API that offers our insurance, technology and transportation partners a complete programmatic access to the Redkik’s system, their user and organizational data, and booking access, from creating to managing.

Being RESTful, the API is generally accessed using HTTP terms such as GET, POST, PATCH, and DELETE. This makes it simple for any API with network access capabilities to log in, access, and manage data within the Redkik system.

All flows require a user to obtain or already have an accessToken. These are generated by logging into the system through the /User/login POST call, submitting email and password as parameter data.

There are a few standard concepts required when accessing the Redkik API, such as Authentication setup and language settings.

Purchase flows

There are two booking purchase flows supported by API

  1. Simple Booking Purchase
  2. IDD Booking Purchase

Simple Booking Purchase

This is what might be considered the default booking purchase flow. The user submits the booking information, obtains an offer ID, and then purchases the offer.

Confirmation Booking Purchase

This purchase flow was driven by the need to support IDD (Insurance Distribution Directive) in the EU. In this flow, the booking information is submitted by the partner, then confirmed for purchase, then ultimately purchased, by the booking holder. The use case here is that the partner cannot be seen as buying the booking on behalf of the booking holder. The booking holder must have the opportunity to select, at multiple points, whether they would like to purchase the insurance.

Service Endpoints

The API is contained in two modules:


User for managing users, organizations, and credentials.


Quote for creating and managing commodities, policies, etc.

The API endpoints listed herein detail the interactions with the Redkik system. The services are exposed using a RESTful API architecture, and the endpoints are discoverable via the Loopback API Explorer.