A New Era of the Redkik InsurTech Software

A New Era of the Redkik InsurTech Software

Customer Experience – Enhanced

Redkik is excited to announce a new era of the Redkik product – Introducing Redkik 2.0!

With Redkik 2.0 we have added massive customization possibilities for our partners in the logistics and insurance industries looking for white-label solutions for insurance types such as cargo, gap, warehouse, and more! Redkik powered coverage is now available for insurance providers and brokers as well as logistic service providers with their own tailored customer experience.

Improvements to the Customer Journey

By enhancing our industry-leading InsurTech software even further, we are able to provide an even better customer-journey and offer features no other software provider has ever made possible.

Now, let’s explore the full benefits of the update!

Multi-Commodity Support

With Redkik 2.0, we transform how you think about per-load coverage. The Redkik solution enables you to book multiple commodities in one transaction. You can now rest easy knowing various types of commodities on one pallet are appropriately covered. An added bonus is the time you’ll save being able to cover them all in one booking!

Tailored Customer-Experience, Unified Brand Image

We now offer our partners vast customization possibilities to tailor their customers’ journey through the Redkik product to match their brand image.

One of our driving values is to provide a product that enhances the insurance acquisition journey for the end-customer of our partner network. We don’t want to hijack our partners’ clients from their usual brand experience just to promote our own brand. For this reason we work diligently to make the brand image stay as unified as possible throughout the journey.

With Redkik 2.0 we eliminate poorly designed landing pages and static portals, replacing them with whatever our partners need to achieve their goals.

Multi-Policy Administration

Now, our insurance partners can seamlessly offer multiple policies from the same system to offer the best coverage for consumers.

Choose between Shippers Interest, Gap, warehouse, or any other customer specific policy. Standby as our system is preparing for new policy offerings coming soon!

Learn more about how Redkik can benefit insurance brokers and underwriters:

Billing Improvements

With Redkik’s solution expanding globally, we have kept a close eye on how consumers want to purchase their coverage to make sure our product is accessible to everyone.

For example, we recently entered the Brazilian market with our technology, where payment methods such as Boleto and Pix are commonly used. To facilitate for these payment methods, and any future ones, we have made extensive back-end work which allows us to better serve our network.

Learn more about Redkik’s solution for the Brazilian transportation industry, and get started today:

Quality of Live Updates

Throughout Redkik 2.0 we have added many enhancements. You will now see address auto-complete, duplicating bookings, saving quotes, booking on behalf of, and additional areas that anticipate your needs by automatically suggesting entries based on your previous behavior.

We recognize that our product needs to match the needs of the end-customer, who we want to have the un-matched experience when purchasing coverage for their cargo, and we will diligently keep improving our product as these needs evolve.

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