Redkik Announces a Partnership With CCN

Redkik Announces a Partnership With CCN

Redkik and Cargo Community Network (CCN) are excited to announce the launch of instant, on-demand cargo insurance solutions using AI and machine learning through CUBEforall, an open data platform by CCN.

Redkik and CCN’s collaboration will undoubtedly transform the industry globally while positively disrupting the acquisition of insurance. Shipping data already entered into CUBEforall via the Booking Concierge app will flow seamlessly into Redkik to instantly offer an insurance quote based on the actual value and shipment needs. 

Say good-bye to tedious processes and expensive annual policies.

“We are glad to work with like-minded partners like Redkik to deliver cargo insurance services through the CUBEforall platform.  The success of our collaboration shows how an open platform can bring new values to our communities in a more efficient, quicker and innovative way.”  Mr Teow Boon Ling, CEO, Cargo Community Network.

“Redkik is excited to partner with CCN on their CUBEforall platform. Offering an innovative solution is why Redkik entered the InsurTech world. CCN has been a proactive and enthusiastic partner in supporting this partnership and imminent launch in Singapore. Redkik’s technology, CCN’s well established digital solutions for the air freight industry has led to a transformative partnership that will change the way we think of cargo insurance,” Chris Kalinski, CEO and Founder of Redkik.

Signing ceremony at IATA World Cargo Symposium, London 2022 with 

Teow Boon Ling, CEO, Cargo Community Network (left) and Rob Connell, CFO, Redkik (right)

About Cargo Community Network

Cargo Community Network is a leading digital solutions provider for the air freight industry. Via their CUBEforall platform, web-based system integrations are made available. The platform offers solutions for data exchange, cargo management, customs, security and screening compliance, business performance analytics and other initiatives. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, CCN is constantly adapting technological advancements to meet the changes and developments in customers’ requirements. Headquartered in Singapore, with many support offices in the region to provide excellent service to more than 10,000 users across the globe.  The community consists of shippers, airlines, forwarders, ground handlers and other stakeholders in the air cargo industry.


About CUBEforall

CUBEforall is an open data platform fostering a closer collaboration for the global cargo community.  The platform offers cost effective mass-digitalization opportunities through a large user base, rich datasets and varied service providers. CUBEforall is also the platform for businesses to connect for growth with ease of mind and assurance.

For service providers who are interested to have your services on the platform, please email us at: hello@cubeforall.com.

For users who are keen to find out how you can enjoy these services, please visit us at: www.cubeforall.com

About Redkik

Redkik is a global Insurtech company with the mission to transform and improve the insurance industry for all parties within logistics and transportation. Redkik’s platform eliminates the need for annual and complex insurance policies. Through Redkik’s embedded integration with licensed cargo insurance providers, transport intermediaries can offer their customers on-demand per-shipment, customized cargo insurance when their freight is booked.