Redkik and the Roanoke Insurance Group announce a strategic partnership

Redkik and the Roanoke Insurance Group announce a strategic partnership

New partnership aims to improve and transform marine cargo insurance for the transportation and supply chain industry in the US.

Oxford, MD, USA & Joensuu, Finland. October 12th, 2021- Redkik, a global software company with the mission to simplify and improve the marine cargo insurance industry with technology, and Roanoke Insurance Group, Inc. a leading transportation-related insurance broker, today announced a strategic partnership that will be groundbreaking for all parties within transportation and logistics in the US.

By partnering together, the companies are offering on-demand, per shipment insurance with instantaneous premium quotations at the time of freight being booked, together with dynamic pricing and policies tailored for customers’ specifics needs.

“Insurance for shipping is still determined the same way as 30 years ago, with little to no automation, and outdated IT solutions. This results in low efficiency, double-keying, high overhead costs, and complexity for every party within the supply chain. Our mission is to bring intelligence to insurance and make it simple to secure goods and loads. Most annual policies are based upon 12 month forecasts and the policyholder has to pay the premium upfront. Redkik’s technology coupled with Roanoke’s insurance placement offering facilitates change to the old structure and we are excited to present this groundbreaking, collaborative solution to the transportation industry. Roanoke is an ideal partner offering leading insurance, bond and ATA Carnet solutions for global trade and transportation in North America” said Chris Kalinski, Founder, and Chairperson of Redkik.

”Redkik’s technology provides intelligent API communication between transportation management systems and Roanoke’s cargo solutions. It is a pleasure to work with inventor and innovator Chris Kalinski and his team,” said Karen Groff, President of Roanoke Insurance Group.

The new SaaS solution for marine cargo insurance will be immediately available in the US market. The company will be launching in the European market and the rest of the world by the end of 2021.

About Redkik

Redkik is a global Insurtech start-up with the mission to transform and improve the insurance industry for all parties within logistics and transportation. No need for annual and complex insurance policies, through Redkik’s embedded integration with licensed cargo insurance providers, transport intermediaries can now offer their customers on-demand per shipment, customized cargo insurance at the time of their freight being booked.

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About Roanoke

Roanoke Insurance Group Inc., a Munich Re company, is a specialty insurance broker focused on insurance and bond solutions for transportation intermediaries, and organizations managing various aspects of a supply chain. Founded in 1935, Roanoke was the first solutions provider of U.S. Customs Bonds, and its development of customized cargo insurance and other transportation-related coverage offerings followed. It later went on to become the first appointed ATA Carnet service provider in the nation. Roanoke continues to expand its innovative approach to solutions for the industry.

SOURCE Roanoke Insurance Group Inc.

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