Team Redkik

Team of experts with decades of combined experience in logistics and transportation, risk management, cargo insurance, machine learning and software development.


Redkik CEO Chris Kalinski

Chris Kalinski

Founder & CEO

Redkik Chief Operating Officer Shannon Webb

Shannon Webb

Chief Operating Officer

Redkik Chief Product Officer Tait McCarthy

Tait McCarthy

Chief Product Officer

Redkik Chief Technology Officer Antti Vikman

Antti Vikman

Chief Technology Officer

Kalle Salminen, VP Asia

Kalle Salminen

VP, Asia

Redkik Sales Andy Bauer

Andy Bauer

VP Sales & Marketing, Global

Advisory Board

Grant Goldsmith

Senior Vice President at Roanoke Insurance Group

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Will Wrightson

Equity Analyst/Portfolio Manager


Tod Hammons

Tod Hammons

Sales & Partnerships, Europe

Peter Crawford Redkik Sales USA

Peter Crawford

Sales, USA

Placeholder image for a team member

Mark Lippel

Sales, Europe

Jes Poulsen Redkik Sales USA

Jes Poulsen

Sales, USA

Redkik Sales Intern Huy La

Huy La

Sales Assistant, Asia

Person palceholder

Andreea Caliniuc

Sales, Romania & Europe


Dave Flanagan

Dave Flanagan

Development Lead (Architect)

Redkik Product Specialist Ray Nissen

Ray Nissen

Product Specialist / Customer Service

Redkik Architect QA and DevOps Janne Ronkainen

Janne Ronkainen

Architect QA and DevOps

Redkik Senior Developer Juuso Tuunanen

Juuso Tuunanen

Senior Developer

Redkik Scrum Master / Software Architect Miika Pakarinen

Miika Pakarinen

Scrum Master / Software Architect

Employee Jesse Tulilahti

Jesse Tulilahti

Machine Learning Specialist

Redkik Software Developer Leena Hirvonen

Leena Hirvonen

Software Developer

Redkik Software Developer Joel Harjunheimo

Joel Harjunheimo

Software Developer

Redkik Software Developer (localisation) Anni Mönttinen

Anni Mönttinen

Software Developer (localisation)

Redkik QA & Testing Kirsi Kauppinen

Kirsi Kauppinen

QA & Testing

Redkik QA & Testing Maarit Ryynänen

Maarit Ryynänen

QA & Testing

Redkik Software Developer Samuli Väyrynen

Samuli Väyrynen

Software Developer

Redkik Software Developer Hassan Sammor

Hasan Sammour

Software Developer

Redkik Software Developer Nona Näsänen

Nona Näsänen

Software Developer

Redkik Software Developer Olga Rykanova

Olga Rykanova

Software Developer


Redkik Sales and Marketing Assistant, Asia Nga Vu

Nga Vu

Sales and Marketing Assistant

Finance & Administration

Redkik Finance Manager, USA Melody Davis

Melody Davis

Finance Manager, USA

Diana Salin

Finance Manager, Europe

Redkik Accountant Kirsi Haltia

Kirsi Haltia


Redkik Intern, PA to CFO / Business Support Sivu Njöd

Suvi Nöjd

Administrative Assistant