Quick and easy insurance solution for your boating needs

Accidents happen. Does your boat and equipment have the coverage they need when in transit?

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The easiest way to protect your boat and sailing equipment

Getting your boat properly covered can be tedious and take days or even weeks, and sometimes you don’t have that much time before your next event.

With Redkik’s instant insurance solution for the boating industry you can eliminate risk and get peace of mind while your boat is being transported.

Cover your yacht, power boat, sailboat, boating and racing equipment, as well as boat parts & accessories on the go, even for next day departures.

With Redkik’s easy-to-use web-portal you can get a quote instantly, so that you can spend more time sailing instead of worrying.

Insurance solution to meet your needs

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Quick Coverage 

Active policy even for next day departures

Ease of Use

Instant quote with an easy to use online web portal 

Tailored Coverage

Get access to a policy tailor-made for the boating industry

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Risk minimization 

Peace of mind for fraction of the cost of traditional insurance solutions

Redkik at the Newport to Bermuda Race

Sailing is a passion for us at Redkik – that is why we joined the prestigious Newport to Bermuda Race.

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Watch: Redkik at the Bermuda Race

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With this easy and quick web-solution you can insure your boat and equipment in 2 minutes or less.

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Insurance provided by Roanoke Insurance Group.
Available to authorized transportation companies/personnel only.

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With Redkik you can

  • Cover your risk when your boat and equipment are in transit
  • Create a booking in less than 2 minutes
  • Finally access a tailored policy for your actual needs

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