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Value of goods



Claims History


Port crime rates

Global sanctions lists

Cargo ship



Warehouse condition

Port conditions

Ship manufacturing year

Cyber-attack risk

Mode of transport

Warehouse crime rates

Industry trends


Value of goods



Claims History


Port crime rates

Global sanctions lists

Cargo ship



Warehouse condition

Port conditions

Ship manufacturing year

Cyber-attack risk

Mode of transport

Warehouse crime rates

Industry trends

Embedded insurance solution combined with powerful risk-management

Redkik’s software taps into existing online systems and analyzes endless data points for individually tailored and dynamic insurance quotes without the extra hassle. This gives you more flexibility and frees up time and resources to concentrate on your core business.

Redkik’s transactional insurance solution gives the user maximum flexibility, while our AI and machine learning algorithm makes sure your needs are prioritized, and you only pay for what you need. Insurance is provided by the leading and most trusted global insurance companies.

Insurance doesn’t need to be complicated

Buying insurance is tedious and time consuming. The complex process requires a lot of time and gives little to no flexibility due to inefficient technology and lack of automation. It doesn’t need to be this way.

Redkik’s innovative insurance software allows coverage to be purchased with a single click through an API integration at the point of sale without unnecessary redirects to external websites and without disrupting the current sales processes.

Insurance doesn't have to be complicated anymore: Shipping vessel being loaded in harbor

With Redkik, you only pay for what you need so you can focus on your core business.


Our software allows for insurance coverage now, not later


Our integration allows coverage within existing technology platforms

Data driven

Our software analyzes data from multiple sources for customized pricing models and risk-management

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Global coverage

Whether you are looking for cargo, warehouse, gap, or spike insurance – with Redkik’s solution you can be covered instantly within any of our current operating areas. We are expanding rapidly around the globe, please contact us for your immediate needs for more details.

Choose your country, contact your appointed expert and let’s determine the best and most effective solution for your business needs.

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Our partners

We strongly believe in creating positive and disruptive innovation which leads to vast benefits for our partners and their customers.

Embedded insurance at your fingertips

Whether you already work with a transactional insurance partner, or you’re just starting to review your options, our experts can walk you through how Redkik can enable you to reach your goals.

Flexible InsurTech software tailored to your needs

Redkik’s flexible software and powerful risk-management tools have been developed to reach and exceed your goals and increase your business. Choose your role and explore new opportunities.

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Freight Brokers
Insurance Providers
Insurance Brokers
Broker Portals
Transport Management Systems

I used to run a shipping company. I know how bad traditional insurance is.

When I was strugling to purchase an annual policy for my forwarding company, I thought to myself – there must be an easier way of doing this.

– Chris Kalinski, Founder & CEO

How long does it take to get covered?

Less than 1 second

How much are the monthly or annual fees?


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Environmental friendliness and sustainability at Redkik: a mountain-region forest landscape

Innovation to drive sustainability

At Redkik, we strongly believe in creating innovation and change that leads to sustainable solutions for our customers, colleagues, partners, and surroundings.

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